Tri-State Paving’s quality control team has developed a safer and more practical method to trimming density cores. Eight cores are typically drilled out of the road each morning from the previous day’s production and brought back to the lab to test the asphalt’s density. To measure the density, the uneven edge on the bottom of the cores must first be trimmed using a core saw. Eight cores are trimmed and tested to obtain a consistent sample.

Previously, core saw operators had to hold the asphalt core with his hand while the blade trimmed the core. This method presented a significant hazard as the operator’s hand was often only inches from the blade. Tri-State Paving’s quality control team recognized the danger in continuing operation of the core saw in this manner, so they put their heads together to brainstorm ideas for a safer solution.

Essentially a large, orange clamp, the new device allows the operator the ability stabilize the core while keeping his hands a safe distance from the blade. The clamp also eliminates the possibility of the saw pulling the core out of the operator’s hands and damaging the core. After an entire season of use, it is evident that the modified device is much more safe and practical than the original core saw.

Thanks to Tri-State Paving, visitors of Thoreson Park in Estherville, Iowa can now fully enjoy the park’s amenities while avoiding muddy areas by utilizing a new, 915 foot asphalt trail. Located at the intersection of North 15th Street and 6th Avenue North, the 14 acre park is home to a large playground, bocce ball court, sand volleyball court, basketball court, park benches, picnic tables, three baseball and softball fields, and three shelter areas.

Tri-State donated both time and equipment to complete the first phase of the project. The remaining three phases, which may take several years to complete, are still under planning. With the help of Tri-State Paving, the City of Estherville only had to purchase material for the project, saving nearly $25,000.

The first stage of the trail, which consists of 314 tons of asphalt, covers from the parking lot near the Good Samaritan Center to the Pavilion, then travels west towards the west parking lot.

Phase two will connect fields one and two, while the third phase will complete the trail around the park. Phase four includes a trail which will encircle field three. There are also plans to improve accessibility by paving pads near the ball fields so that visitors who are handicapped may enjoy a convenient area to sit. The park’s renovation will also be accompanied by construction of a shelter and restrooms, as well as installation of a sign.

On February 13th, Tri-State Paving received the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s (NAPA) 2012 Quality in Construction Award for excellence in construction of the innovative pavement of the Spirit Lake Community School District’s new track. The award recognizes paving jobs completed in line with best practices and standards known to yield high-quality asphalt pavements. A two-inch rainfall made the installation of the track base a challenge for Tri-State’s paving crews, but they used a string line and slow paver for continuous improvement, producing an exceptionally smooth and even surface for the student athletes.

Over 60 city, county, consulting, and IDOT engineers, along with Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa (APAI) contractors, associates, and suppliers, attended an open house on August 1st which highlighted the benefits of asphalt as the most cost-effective, fastest-to-construct, and greenest pavement in Iowa. The open house was a cooperative effort between Tri-State Paving, Dickinson Co. Engineering, and the APAI to feature Dickinson County’s four paving projects which are utilizing warm mix asphalt (WMA), recycled asphalt shingles, and recycled asphalt pavement to complement the emphasis that Dickinson County taxpayers have placed on environmental responsibility.

Attendees were given a tour of Tri-State Paving’s Fostoria plant, where they were able to see the recycled shingles stockpile and WMA foaming device on the plant. On the jobsite, the decreased temperature and lack of smell and fumes was a consistent topic of conversation.

OMG Fleet Safety Award – 2010, 2012
OMG Zero Incident Award – 2010
OMG Safety Excellence Award – 2007, 2009, 2010
AGC Safety Excellence Award, 1st Place – 2010, 2011
APAI QM-A Primary Construction – 2015
APAI Qaulity Construction Award, Athletic Use – 2016 Denison High School Stadium Improvements
NAPA Quality in Construction Award – 2012, 2015 
NAPA Diamond Achievement Commendation – 2006-2012
2015 and 2016 Astec Portable Plant
2015 and 2016 Plant #2 Fostoria
NAPA Diamond Paving Commendation – 2015
Iowa AGC, Recognition of Safety Excellence, 1st Place – 2015, 2016