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  • LEED approved products – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED) is an internationally recognized green building certification system
  • RAS – We are leaders across Iowa, with all plants capable of running RAS. 
  • RAP – We run three milling crews, serving our own companies and other contractors. All plants consistently run RAP mixes. ASPHALT IS 100% RECYCLABLE!!!
  • WMA – All plants are WMA capable. Primary benefits of WMA include:
    • Less fuel consumption
    • Lower emissions
    • Reduced fumes
    • All around better for our crews, our plant neighbors, and the whole planet!
  • Recycled product – We currently have recycled product on-hand and ready to run at our Johnston plant.
  • OMG Midwest has been recognized by its state contractor agencies, APAI & AGC, for its superior environmental training program.

The Future is Green

Des Moines Asphalt and Paving strives to be the greenest company in the industry, a continuous and ongoing practice. We recognize the importance of our role in addressing air quality, water quality, and land quality issues. For this reason, we keep up-to-date on best practices and policies that enable us to provide our products and services more efficiently while being aware of the effects our operations may have on the environment. Our employees receive nearly four hours of training on proper environmental practices.

Improving Air and Water Quality

We spray water on our asphalt to minimize dust, making our workplace and the surrounding areas a healthier place. We also implement a dust collection system to further improve air quality. Our vehicles maintain a "no idle" policy which reduces fuel consumption and air pollution. Water quality is improved by controlling water run-off and implementing erosion control at each site. Wasting water is a major concern worldwide, which is why we use recycled water for washing aggregate that is used in our asphalt.


We recycle asphalt shingles and used asphalt pavement. The used asphalt is recycled on site by putting it back into the mix. Research shows that recycled asphalt, when applied and designed properly, performs like new pavement. Our recycling practices are not limited to use on site, though. We also recycle paper, office materials, pop cans, used tires, and motor oil.