Here at Cessford Construction, safety always comes first. Safe production is the most important aspect of our jobs and we are committed to working safely every day so that our employees and the general public can return safely to their families each night. Through education and encouragement from peers, our employees constantly strive to improve our incident record because one injury in the quarry or on the job site is one too many. Our employees hold themselves responsible for their own safety, as well as the safety of others. Our safety training program proves successful as our safety record has received multiple achievement awards.

Hazard Prevention

Cessford Construction has set its own prevention procedures, including required wearing of personal protection equipment (gloves, safety boots, ear protection, eye protection, respirators, and hard hats), checking for underground utilities and overhead power lines before work begins, assuring tools are used in the correct manner, providing working backup alarms on equipment, making drivers aware of potential hazards in delivery areas, providing lighting when working after dark, training of proper postures while using tools, and encouraging workers to be well-rested and alert on their shift.

Safety Best Practices

Members of our Safety Best Practices Group relate their experiences and brainstorm to develop procedures to prevent accidents and injuries for the entire company. Cessford Construction has become an industry leader by setting the standard in safety matters. In 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2007, Cessford received the ILPA Safety Excellence Award for no lost-time accidents.

Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination