Quartzite is a hard, non-foliated, metamorphic rock consisting of quartz sandstone. The sandstone is converted to quartzite through heating and pressure which results from tectonic compression of the Earth’s crust. Quartzite is distinguishable from sandstone due to its vitreous appearance and hardness – it cannot be scratched with a knife. Its purple/pink color, typical of the Minnesota Sioux Quartzite, is a result of iron oxide in the rock.

Our quartzite has particular inherent, unique characteristics which make it so valuable. Its extreme hardness, high density, high compression strength, resistance to abrasion, and reliability are necessary for railroad ballast and high quality concrete and bituminous aggregate. Its inert chemistry relative to Portland cement makes it a preferred product when paving concrete roads. When crushed, our quartzite has angular surfaces that make it an ideal material to apply to road surfaces for skid resistance. Its shape and texture inhibit rutting on asphalt surfaces and make it well-suited as a seal coat chip to extend asphalt life. Having no porosity, it is resistant to weathering during Minnesota’s intense freeze-thaw cycles and its attractive purple color is a primary specification for landscape rock and rip rap.

Our products include:

  • Four sizes of concrete aggregate
  • Six sizes of bituminous aggregates, including manufactured sand
  • Rip rap
  • Railroad ballast
  • Crushed road base
  • Seal coat chips
  • Aggregate for concrete products such as pre-cast building panels and concrete pipe
  • Decorative landscape rock
  • Ganister and filtration media
  • Filter rock for sewage treatment plants
  • Bulk poultry grit


We are proud of our reputation for providing dependable and loyal service to our customers for over a century. Our services include:

  • Production of quality hard rock aggregate materials
  • Quality control
  • Large volume potential