Iowa Highway 20

Hallett Materials

A three year highway expansion project turned a 2-lane highway into a 4-lane highway from Galva, Iowa to Moville, Iowa. With the large size and scope of the project, Hallett Materials knew how to leverage multiple Western Iowa aggregate pits in order to meet firm completion dates set by the director of the Iowa DOT.

From 2015 – 2018, Hallett Materials supplied concrete sand, intermediate aggregate, coarse aggregate, and special backfill from the Cherokee and Anthon Wright pits to multiple contractors to complete the Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) paving on the project.

The ongoing project was highly visible by the public, anticipating its opening. By the end of the project, Hallett Materials supplied:

  • 152,000 tons of Concrete Sand
  • 29,000 tons of Intermediate Aggregate
  • 27,000 tons of Coarse Aggregate
  • 17,000 tons of Special Backfill