Minnesota Interstate 35W

Minnesota Paving and Materials

With rapid growth in the Minneapolis area, it was apparent that the transportation system desperately needed an upgrade.

The 35W project was a component of a $239 million upgrade to the vital transportation artery of Minneapolis. Minnesota Paving and Materials’ (formerly Hardrives, Inc.) $19.7 million project was to repair a 5.4 mile segment from University Avenue though the HWY 36/HWY 280/Interstate 35W commons area. Although the bids were 16 percent over, the engineers estimated the demand for upgrade and tight bids. Minnesota Paving and Materials was the low bidder by $180,000. Aside from American Disability Act (ADA) pedestrian improvements, pipe lining and electrical upgrades the project comprised of surface updates that included removal and replacement of 38,000 linear feet of curb and gutter, 5,000 square yards of concrete pavement repair (CPR), 158,000 square yards of bituminous milling and the installation of 86,000 tons of asphalt pavement.

The mainline milling and paving was to be completed during four weekend closures: two northbound closures and two southbound closures. The project specifications required echelon paving to reduce cold joints, as such Minnesota Paving and Materials chose to utilize two plants - Umore and Lakeland - to mix the 16,000 tons per weekend. Fifty belly dumps per shift were required to supply the two paving crews, and an additional twenty trucks were need to maintain progress for three mills.

The project was safe and successful (even mother nature cooperated). There were no delays opening the fully striped road just in time for Monday morning rush hour traffic. The project is a prime example of the power of one CRH. It speaks volumes to our level of safety, dedication, and commitment to building high profile quality projects with condensed timeframes.