Iowa Heartland Divide Wind Farm

Hallett Materials

A new wind farm in Audubon County, Iowa – Heartland Divide Windfarm – was built in the fall of 2018 and and comprised of 43 turbines (100 megawatt).

A total of 15,000 tons of concrete sand and 19,000 tons of coarse aggregate was needed to complete the project.

While constructing the wind farm, Hallett Materials supplied concrete sand and coarse aggregate for the wind turbine foundations out of the Woodbine and Wall Lake pits; however, with the fast paced material demand needs, the crew had to make quick operational changes with PWP1. This allowed for an increased output on the 1” needed.

In addition to operational changes in order to meet project deadlines, Hallett Materials was able to assist the contractor with hauling the needed material. This is another prime example of the power of one CRH (Hallett Materials). It speaks volumes to our level of dedication and commitment to building high profile quality projects with condensed timeframes.