Quarry Creek Restoration

Minnesota Paving and Materials

Scott County Quarry Creek, in Minnesota, was eroding from flooding due to an abundance of farm field runoff.

In order to restore the area and prevent further damage, Terra was asked with the Prime Contractor to help implement a new design. Using project plans and specifications Terra provided a solution to reduce the amount of runoff on the site.

Working with County officials Terra stabilized and restored areas that were cleared of trees, regrading slopes, stormwater catchments, large riprap ditch checks, whole creek regrading, and Terra’s restoration to its native habitat.

To accomplish the soil preparation and seeding for a successful return to native habitat, twelve remote acres of Bonded Fiber Matrix hydraulic mulch was placed in conjunction with natural net Erosion Control Blanket and Turf Reinforcement Mat to stabilize critical high-flow areas.

This project is a primary example of how Terra can successfully partner with local government units to positively impact the environment.