With the Carver County 61 101 Bridge being replaced, asphalt and concrete weren’t the only construction materials needed for the four-lane bridge, roundabout, and bike trail development. In addition, numerous erosion control and restoration measures were necessary to protect the Minnesota River and to restore important habitat. That’s where Terra Services comes in.

Creek restoration, stormwater infiltration, and native habitat restoration were the three main areas that Terra Services focused on for the project. This included:

  • A Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan management along a protected wildlife management area and impaired waterway
  • Three acres of stormwater infiltration ponds were restored to native wetland habitat
  • 2000 lf of waterway protection was placed with floating silt curtain and perimeter control
  • Erosion Control Best Management Practices for a creek re-routing for two years
  • 15 acres of native seeding and erosion control blanket installed
  • 15 acres of native and roadside seeding and hydraulic mulch installed
  • Hydraulic Growth Media applied in order to restore and improve poor soil conditions

The Carver County Minnesota bridge project is just one example of how Terra Services employees use their experienced knowledge and capabilities to complete the job.