Several bridges in downtown Des Moines, Iowa have been replaced in phases throughout the recent years.

While constructing the bridges, washed fill sand is delivered to the middle of the river to replace existing riverbed material placed 10-12 feet at the bottom of the Des Moines River. The new washed fill sand will serve as reinforcement to concrete footings and steel beams.

Hallett Materials and Des Moines Asphalt and Paving had the opportunity to do that with the new Locust Street Bridge.

Hallett Materials supplied 8,000 tons of needed washed fill sand, while its sister company – Des Moines Asphalt and Paving – hauled the material from the pit to the jobsite. All material was produced and delivered out of the North Des Moines pit.

This is a prime example of one of our guiding principles: operate locally, but act as one company. With the help of two Midwest Region companies, resources and services were utilized efficiently. Together, we are stronger.